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What’s this? A blog entry?

Hello. Look who has got off his fat arse, not literally, ventured into his little corner of the internet and penned a quick blog article. Yes, me, YorkyPuds.

It has been a while since I logged into my blog and wrote anything. I used to play a lot of poker when I first started keeping a blog; it was the sole reason for having one. When poker was booming, back in the day, there were dozens if not hundreds of poker blogs I would read daily. Most of these have fallen by the wayside in recent years, my own included.

Some of the old poker bloggers still blog on a regular basis. Short Stacked Shamus is still filling the pages of Hard-Boiled Poker with amazing text, while Irish poker legend Dara “Doke” O’Kearney manages to captivate his audience almost seven years after first tapping away from his computer.

Why did this blog die?

Dead blog

One of the reasons I stopped blogging has already been mentioned: I hardly play the game these days. Working in the roles I do, often, the last thing I want to do after a day of writing about poker is to sit down and play poker. It’s quite ironic that the pastime that helped me somehow — to this day I’m still not sure how it happened — forge a career in the poker industry has taken a backseat to the said career.

Don’t get me wrong here, I was never going to be a high stakes balla when it came to playing poker online. I threw myself into the game when I first discovered that winning at online poker entailed more than clicking buttons and hoping for the best, and I will admit that I had dreams of ditching the day job and playing poker for a living. Many of us did back then. I’m fortunate enough that I made a little money from playing poker and that I am in the green, but I’m never going to be buying into $5,000 tournaments, unless I win the EuroMillions.

Another reason for a lack of updates on my blog is because I no longer travel with the poker tours. I loved writing trip reports when I was covering the World Poker Tour, European Poker Tour and World Series of Poker; they were perhaps my favourite subjects to write about. I retired from live poker tournament reporting a couple of years ago and although I miss the people on the tours — they become a second family — I don’t miss spending 10-days away from home every month or the long-ass days.

Will this website become a poker blog again?

I must admit that I do sometimes miss playing poker to the point that I keep considering sticking some money in one of my many accounts and having a blast at the virtual felt. Recently, I had to review one of 888poker’s new games for PokerNews and 888 gave me $30 to play with. While I wasn’t the new game’s biggest fan, I played a couple of hundred hands of micro-stakes six-max cash games and enjoyed it.

Obviously, I was rusty beyond belief and if I ever venture back into the world of tournament poker there will no doubt be a few forum posts on Two Plus Two asking what the fuck this massive fish was thinking with his call / bet sizing / all-in shove, but I am tempted.

Returning to the blog

Welcome blog

So why have I decided to try breathe some life into this blog? There are several reasons, some of them I will go through now.

One is that working in the poker industry, for the companies I do, you have to write in a certain style that fits in with the said company. This leads you to become typecast to a specific style. It also leads to writing sometimes becoming boring. You stagnante. You use the same words and phrases all the time. You fall behind the better writers.

Another is I would love to eventually delve into the world of video games and eSports. I still believe online poker and poker as a whole has a decent future ahead of it, but having all of your eggs in one basket is never a good idea. Plus, I love playing video games in my spare time, they have become by online poker when I finish work and need to chill the fuck out.

Furthermore, 2017 was a solid year as far as years go. I came out of it with my jobs, which in this industry is no mean feat, my kids are growing into decent young men, I moved into a new house in God’s Own City of Leeds with the Mrs and even proposed to the Mrs — she said yes — yet I never wrote about any of it.

2018 should be a busy and exciting one. With me considering jumping back into the poker playing world, preparing for a wedding in Las Vegas (more on that some time), getting back into shape, and possibly launching one or two projects, I wanted to document my progress, or lack of it, and be held accountable. If anything else, this blog can be my personal diary that I’ll let you read if that’s what you want to do.

Until next time, stay lucky.


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