Dry January

A Third of the Way Into Dry January

They say you should do what you love in life, whoever they are. I love having a beer or a wine, so why am I not abiding to what they say? Because I’m a third of the way through Dry January.

I’ve liked a drink for as long as I can remember. Be it at home after a day’s work or at the pub with friends, being able to have a drink is a large part of my life. It’s the social aspect of it that I love; some of the people I’ve met through being a drinker are amazing individuals. Of course, on the flipside of the coin, some of the biggest, most destructive arguments and silly mistakes I’ve made in life are through boozing. Ying and Yang and all that.

The Mrs and I drank consumed enough alcohol over Christmas to resurrect George Best; I think even Gazza would have turned in for the night a couple of times. After moving into our new house, which is bigger than The Beatles and makes me feel like a young Hugh Hefner, we had the opportunity to invite friends round for some festivities. It was the first time that either of us had been able to do this properly and we had a blast.

From Christmas breakfast with some of the Mrs’ family, to fun and games with some of our friends on Boxing Day, we had a proper laugh and it made us feel all warm and fuzzy inside as we realised we know and associate with some fantastic people.

Dry January Begins

Dry January: Jaegerbombs

I got ball bagged on New Year’s Eve while the Mrs was working. That wasn’t the original plan, yet it happened anyway. You know how it is, one minute you’re playing a couple of games of darts, chewing the fat, telling inappropriate jokes to strangers, the next you’re ordering a tray of Jagerbombs for said strangers. Good times.

Both the Mrs and I decided prior to January 1 that we were going participate in Dry January. For those of you living under a rock Dry January entails not consuming any alcohol for the month of January. Some of the people in the pub where the Mrs works ribbed us about doing it. Some even said we wouldn’t last a week, yet here we both are 12 days in and not a single drop of amber nectar has passed our lips.

I’d like to say that I feel better for it but it is difficult to make that statement because, Sod’s Law, I came down with an awful cold on January 2 and I’m still coughing up oysters now; these ones definitely aren’t an aphrodisiac. OK, that’s a lie, the not feeling better for it part because I can tell a difference. I’ve been able to rise out of bed and been semi-productive despite my body somehow producing several gallons of snot every 24-hours.

Dry January Starts With Man-Flu

Dry January: Man Flu

Being under the weather, however, has prevented me from starting a couple of my New Year goals. Plans were afoot to start jogging around the local park. These are still on hold while my lungs have the capacity of a Cadbury’s Heroes wrapper.

I’ve also fallen a little behind with some writing work, which in turn has meant me not working on either of the two projects that I wanted to start work on. I want to launch two websites / blogs this year. One is going to be an affiliate site for poker, sports betting and casino. The norm is to be factual and rather dry. My site is going to be more in the style of Paddy Power.

The other project comes off the back of the success of someone I met through poker more than eight years ago. Simon Young is now the Head of Owned Media for The Stars Group, having been promoted from Editor-in-Chief. This is his day job. On an evening, when he’s not cycling, punishing himself by watching Ipswich Town, or cladding himself in lycra for a bit of cycling, Simon runs the superb Suffolk Gazette, a satire newspaper that you have to check out when you have the chance. My plans are to create a Yorkshire version and have a little fun with it.

There has also been no poker played, mostly because I’ve felt drained from the cold. I’ve been playing on the PS4 instead where I don’t need to use my brain as much or need to try be creative. The cold is slowly dissipating so, fingers crossed, I can make a start on at least one or two of these goals next week.

I guess that’s it for now. Until we meet again on these pages, avoid sneezing individuals like they have the plague. You never know, they just might have it.

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