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Three weeks into 2018 and it looks like I’ve finally managed to shift my cold. There is still a bit of it lingering on although not enough to stop me from starting a fitness regime.

Working from home, like I have for the past nine years or so, has its benefits. There is no commuting for a start so I can watch the poor sods scraping the ice from their car windows on a morning from the warmth of my office.

There are downsides, too, obviously. One is that it is easy to become lazy. You don’t have to walk for a bus. There is no need to walk to the shop on your lunch break. Hell, sometimes you don’t even have to get dressed if you don’t want to.

Let’s go for a run

Go on a run, lose some weight

This isn’t me, but you get the picture.

My plan for 2018 was always to lose some weight and build my fitness levels; now it is time to get the show on the road. The Mrs is nothing short of an inspiration to me at the minute. Not only has she now completed three weeks of Dry January, which is no mean feat when you have worked in pubs for most of your adult life, she’s attempting to stop smoking and has taken up running with a friend and a running club; she has been up at 07 for the past two Saturdays to go for a jog. To say I am proud of her is an understatement.

I have managed to lose some weight already this year thanks to also taking part in Dry January. The bathroom scales tell me I weigh in at approximately 15 stone 6 pounds (I got weighed after publishing this article and I was 15 stone 2 pounds – Pud), which is a few pounds lighter than the start of the year. The NHS website tells me that my Body Mass Index is 31, rating me as obese, and that my ideal weight for my height is between 10 and 12.5 stone. I’d look like I had AIDS if I lost enough weight to get to the former, so that won’t be happening. Ideally, I’d like to drop to around 13.5 stone.

So here is the plan of action. From Monday 22 January, I will be undertaking the following:

    • Stopping using my e-cig
    • Daily stretching exercises on a morning and evening
    • A few press ups, sit ups and dips per day
    • Undertake my first run
    • Try not have heart attack on said first run
    • Attempt to run three times per week once my knackered body is used to the physicality of running

I’m under no illusion that the first couple of runs are going to almost kill me off. I know my quads will feel like a hot screwdriver has been rammed into them the first few times I job. What is it they say? No pain, no gain?

Aiming for a 5km run

you can't run and vape

I need to stop vaping and start runnng

My first running target is to be able to run 5km in under 30-minutes by the time I turn 37-years-old on April 19 this year. To help motivate me to carry on when I inevitably can’t be arsed, I’ve had a couple of little charitable bets with friends and I have also set up a JustGiving page where I hope people will make a donation and help raise money for the Shelter homeless charity.

The hardest part is going to be stopping using my e-cig. I’m hopelessly addicted to it and it pisses the Mrs off when I have it hanging out of my gob! I’ve not smoked an actual cigarette for a couple of years now and have no intention of ever doing so again, yet this electronic device has become a major habit and putting anything into your lungs that isn’t meant to be there can never be a good thing can it?

Here’s to getting fit, being healthier and losing some weight. At least I’ll be able to catch her if the Mrs tries to run off!


  • Mad

    Nice one Matt – looking forward to following your progress. I ran to the pier the other day. Nearly killed me. Way less than a mile – sigh.

    • YorkyPuds

      I’ll probably just try to do one kilometer in one go to start with and see how that feels. I found a cool website that allows you to plan your run using Google Maps so will plan a route beforehand and try not to die running it.

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