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First Run of 2018: DOMS Are Real

That’s the first run of 2018 out of the way. I didn’t collapse into a heap. I didn’t die. In fact, in a weird sort of way, I kind of enjoyed it.

It was Monday when Keli and I drove a couple of miles to Ardsley Reservoir. I’d never been to this reservoir before despite having lived near it, on and off, for close to 10 years. The path around the reservoir is perfect for beginners thanks to it being almost flat; fuck running up inclines and hills at the minute.

We walked for a couple of minutes before jogging for two minutes, walking for two minutes and so on and so forth. After getting covered in mud and having our running shoes filled with ice-cold murky water, we called it a day and headed back to the car having completed a shade over four kilometres.

First Run of 2018: I Didn’t Die!

I was quietly impressed with how I managed to complete this first run with relative ease. Having not done any running, aside from the odd kick about with the kids, for the best part of 10 years, I had images of being left behind by the Mrs as I struggled to breathe.

The first couple of two-minute jogs went by without me having any concerns. This wasn’t the same story by the last couple of “circuits” because I could feel my little legs tiring and growing heavy and I noticed my breathing was out. I joked that the two-minute walks were shorter than at the start of the run and the running sections were a lot longer than two-minutes!

Getting my breathing correct has always been something I’ve struggled with in the past, any tips from you seasoned runners? I guess it will come naturally once my fitness levels have increased and my fatness levels have dropped.

First Run of 2018: DOMS

First run DOMS

It hurts, but it hurts nicely!

I had never heard of the terms DOMS before today, although I have experienced them plenty of times. DOMS is an acronym for “Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness”, according to the internet and boy do I have some serious DOMS right now.

My legs, particularly around my right knee, ached on Tuesday morning and they are still aching today. The pain is one of those nice pains, though, and I can’t stop stretching, tensing and touching it to see if it is still painful. I was going to try another run tonight but I may leave it until Thursday or possibly Friday, probably the latter because Keli wants us to drive up to Scarborough when she finishes work, have a run up the beach and treat ourselves to fish and chips because we’ve been good with what we’ve been eating; her more than I admittedly.

First Run of Many

Jogging and running was never one of my favourite hobbies; I always preferred swimming if I’m honest. The problem with swimming is the time it takes. By the time you’ve made your way to the baths, got changed, swam a meaningful number of lengths of the pool, got yourself dried and dressed again, then made your way home you’re talking well over an hour. You can have a quick run around the park and be back home in under that.

My mate Danny said he’s been jogging on his own for a couple of months — he’s way way fitter than I am — so I’m probably going to start running with him once I can manage a couple of kilometres without having to stop. Jogging with Keli made it easier because we could talk on our way round the course and it made a difference, especially for boredom levels.

First Run For Charity

I mentioned in my last blog entry that I had set up a JustGiving page to try keep myself motivated in my challenge to be able to run five kilometres in under 30 minutes. I left the donation target at the standard £500 and three people have already made combined donations of £93.02, which is fantastic and I am sure Shelter will appreciate any funds that you kind people want to donate.

Right, I’m off to prod my achy leg muscles. Until next time…

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