bad luck with the car

Bad Luck On and Off The Tables

“If it wasn’t for bad luck we wouldn’t have any” is a phrase I’d often hear my mum say, usually after some household appliance broke / hours at work were cut / a big car repair bill loomed or similar. These financial hits usually came at the worst possible times, or seemed to know that we’d come into a little bit of cash and had planned to use it for something else.

The clutch and dual mass flywheel died on my car approximately 18-months ago. Having new parts fitted set me back £1,400, which stung a little. The bastard thing is back in the garage and a substantial repair bill is on the horizon, perfect timing with it being Christmas next month and the HMRC needing paying the month after.

It was my dad’s birthday on Nov. 13 and I set off to see him with a couple of the brats in tow. While on the motorway, I went to overtake a dawdling car in front and the revs went up, but the car didn’t accelerate. The gearstick had gone into neutral somehow. Strange, but I thought perhaps I’d done it by accident.

Car Begins to Die

We came off the motorway and as I was approaching a roundabout, I tried to change gear and simply couldn’t. No matter what I tried, I couldn’t get the car into any gear; it was like there was something physically blocking it. Thankfully, my dad’s house is only 0.25 miles from the motorway junction so after managing to select first gear, I could limp to his house.

The nice guys at RAC came out to me and he thought the clutch had gone. I told him that although I have the mechanical knowledge of a flan, it wasn’t the clutch because that had died 18-months ago and the symptoms were completely different, not to mention this new clutch had only done 34,000 miles, most of them on the motorway.

Mr RAC towed us to a garage near to our house then dropped us at home.

“It’s definitely your clutch and flywheel that have broken down,” the garage informed me the next day. “We can repair it for £1130.”

Like fuck mate. Not sure how he knew it was the clutch because he didn’t take anything apart and charged me £30 for the privilege of not having the work done with him! The Mrs’ boss told me about a garage his son had used for a repair on his van and said that he was not only good, he was also cheap, which makes him even better in my book. This new guy quoted me £520 to replace and fit the clutch and flywheel so I bit his hand off.

Fingers Crossed

After being towed by the Mrs boss to this new guy – that was an experience, being towed on a rope for the first time – the new mechanic said that it wasn’t the clutch! Turns out the clutch is fine, but the fucking gearbox is in pieces. New dude said that there’s no point putting a new one in and that he’ll try to find a second-hand one or a refurbished one t hat won’t break the bank. He also informed me that he needs to examine the clutch and flywheel closely when he strips it apart because they will need replacing if they have been contaminated with gearbox oil. Fuck my actual life.

Fingers crossed that it only needs a near gearbox and not all the other bits, although that’s unlikely because if it wasn’t for bad luck we wouldn’t have any.

In a vain attempt to claw in some extra funds, I jumped into a $2.20 buy-in Bounty Hunter tournament at partypoker. I only had like £5.90 on there s fired up a tournament while I worked on Wednesday.

This Is How I Run

Bad luck with 40 percent

What 40 percent of Hold’em hands looks like

It was a typical tournament where I was card dead for the first 10 levels, then picked up aces three times in like six hands and only won the blinds each time, before this hand sent me to the rail empty-handed.

The blinds were 2,300/4,600/495a. Villain is sat with 353,221 chips and I have 165,400. Villain is a complete fucking nutcase who has been raising, re-raising and making oversized bets for the past 30-40 hands. He opened to 9,200 from late position, I three-bet to 34,500 from the small blind and villain jammed all-in yet again. I called off the last of my stack with AdJs knowing I was getting around 1.6-to-1 so only needed 40 percent equity to call.

Forty-percent is a ton of hands, most of which I’m nicely ahead against. Villain showed As3c and it was no surprise that the flop fell 2h5c4h to gift him a wheel. The Th was followed by the 2d and I busted miles from the money places. That’s poker, folks.

Not sure if I’ll get to play any tournaments over the next week or so because I need to get some work done to try and pay for what will be a very costly couple of months. If anyone has a spare £20,000 knocking around, send them my way!


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